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Triple Gem is happy to offer all our top-of-the-line services and outstanding customer service to all commercial properties and businesses located throughout Pierce and King counties.


We work individually with our commercial partners to help establish a cleaning plan and budget option that caters to your needs. 


Property Managers

From  houses and townhomes to 500 unit apartment complexes, we will gladly discuss all of your cleaning and scheduling needs and work with you on a one-on-one basis to ensure the highest possible satisifcation at an afforadable price. Please contact us in order to schedule a time for a free, no- olbigation consultation.


We can discuss the specifics of your property(ies), the services you require and we will even be happy to arrange a time to meet with you and walk through the community, in order to assure that we can provide the best service to you and your residences.


We do offer cleanings for both vacant and occupied units, while adhering to the highest of safety standards, to keep your residents, staff and our staff safe and heatlhy.


If you ever have any questions about a unit, we will be happy to preview it with you before cleaning and, of course, we are always on-call if any flooding or other water emergencies happen.


Whether you own a small coffee shop or a strip mall, we work with our business partners to ensure that their workspace is clean and sanitary for their staff and patrons. We offer our cleaning services from resturants, bars, and dry-cleaners to hotels, vacation resorts and office buildings*.


Since each business entity is unique, we like to discuss your particular needs so that we can customize a schedule and pricing option that works for you. We are pleased to offer all of  Triple Gem services, so please contact us so that we can best assist you. 

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*We have the right to refuse any work in which we do not feel the enviroment is safe for our workers including, but not limited to, those businesses that cater to explosive, corrosive or hazard matierals or that which require additional safety equipment to work within.

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